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The best beauty treatments for the month of January: a makeover by Beauty Spa by World Class CRYOTHERAPY



Cryotherapy is a cold therapy, a physiotherapeutic treatment based on the body's response to hypothermia of the outer layer of the skin: the superficial layers and parts of the body are exposed to low temperatures for a short time. Cold can have very positive effects on health. An example would be pouring cold water or bathing in an ice hole. The most attractive and obvious benefit of cryotherapy is its ability to provide rapid and lasting relief from pain of various origins and joint stiffness, and to accelerate the healing of post-operative wounds and stitches.

Cryogenic procedures have appeared only recently, but they have already become popular not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. They help to activate the internal reserves of the body and have a positive effect on the state of all systems. Under the influence of extreme cold, it is possible to achieve lifting and lymphatic drainage effects, even out the complexion and improve the elasticity of the skin.