On a bike fixed to the ground, more reminiscent of a road bike than an exercise bike, we spin non-stop to the rhythm of the music. The pace increases during sprints and then slows down. A wheel on the handlebar allows you to adjust the difficulty and to imitate the most difficult climbs. Weight loss, toning of the whole body and letting go, discipline has more than one advantage.


Everyone can do it


On the bike, the weight of the body is carried by the saddle, so everyone can practice regardless of their physical condition. It's not like in running where the weight will play a determining role on the level or the progression


It's good for the heart


In cycling, the heart muscle works at different rates, thanks to the alternation of intense and calmer training phases. This is called the "split". In addition to allowing the body to progress and gain efficiency, the method allows better recovery and ultimately lowers the heart rate.


We make concrete abs


No need to do three sets of 50 chest lifts every morning. On the bike, the abs work as much as the legs. Indoor cycling develops the abdominal strap more than a thigh-abs-gluteus course where you contract, relax. In cycling, we constantly contract.


Why do Biking?


Biking doesn't just lose weight, it's also good for toning your lower body, legs, glutes, while preserving your joints. Over the course of the sessions, this ultra-toning method will allow you to increase your strength as well as the endurance of your muscles, but without gaining volume.