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What to eat after exercise ?



Every complete workout needs good food afterwards. Our body needs to recover from the workload and accept the right foods that are best absorbed by our body.


Foods - sources of protein suitable for post workout:


- Eggs - egg whites and 1-2 yolks;

- Meat - any kind of clean meat - chicken, turkey, veal, pork;

- Fish - any kind of fish - trout, canned tuna, salmon;

- Skimmed cottage cheese;

- Protein powder - whey or isolate.


Food - carbohydrate sources suitable for post workout:


- White and brown rice;

- Pasta - pasta, spaghetti, couscous;

- Potatoes - regular potato (Bulgarian), red potato, sweet potato;

- Quinoa;

- Rice;

- Oatmeal;

- Dark green leafy vegetables - spinach, broccoli, lettuce, nettles, kale.


Foods - sources of fat suitable for after exercise:


- Raw nuts - almond, walnut, hazelnut, etc.;

- Nut oils - natural almond oil, natural peanut oil;

- Avocado;

- Eggs - egg yolks.


Sample post-workout meals:


- Chicken fillet with rice and vegetables, flavored with olive oil or charlan;

- Omelet of 4-5 egg whites and 1-2 egg yolks, boiled potatoes with onions and salad of choice;

- Tuna with brown rice, vegetables or salad of choice;

- Salmon and sweet potato, vegetables;

- Oatmeal, protein powder, fruit - blueberries, kiwi, banana or other.

- Protein powder with peanut or almond butter;

- Nonfat cottage cheese with 1 fruit - apple, orange and vegetable.


Combinations of the foods listed above can create meals that provide you with all the nutrients you need for optimal recovery.