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Metabolic Balance Networking Presentation




WorldClass Fitness Club and Vivanova Announce Metabolic Balance Networking Presentation


Tuesday 26th November 2019 at 7 PM exclusively for club members.


Join our Business Networking by Club Vivanova with its platinum club partner Metabolic Balance.

It will be an evening of international networking and an introduction to a unique vitality program by Metabolic Balance CEO Rainer Keller and Managing Director Silvia Mischler.

Metabolic Balance is a three-month program that re-sets your metabolism and hormone levels, particularly insulin, in order to enable your body to reach its natural weight. A blood test shows which foods are best suited to your personal biochemistry and this determines your eating plan.

The evening will showcase a premium New World wine degustation with gourmet canapés. 


Reservation at the reception or by phone +33 4 92 092 092 is mandatory.