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La Ronde des Plages 2023





Once again this year, World Class Monaco was present at LA RONDE DES PLAGES, an event organized by the city of Menton. With 1250 runners, the race took place by the sea, from Menton to the Italian border, over a distance of 5 to 10 kilometers.


Many thanks to our dear members for their participation. The enthusiasm and commitment demonstrated makes us happy and motivates us to offer you even more quality sporting events. So thanks !


Here are the times of our runners:

- Lucas DAO 46'13''

- Alexis FISCHER 47'10''

- Souliman ABDOURACHIDOV 47'11''

- Greg DURBEC 49'16'' 

- Thibault MOTILLON 50'47''

- Dina ROLO 51'40''

- Marc FERRERO 51'50''

- Paolo MAGONIO 54'27''

- Vincent DUPORT 54'46'' (against 56'50'' last year)

- Colette MAGINI 58'36''

- Sarah SEGGIARO 59'05''


We'll meet again next year, even more numerous and motivated! Congratulations again to everyone!