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Randy Hetrick, American special forces commando, always looking for methods of physical preparation so that his men could train everywhere, one day had the ingenious idea of ​​attaching the straps of a parachute to a tree in order to carry out suspension exercises.


Given the effectiveness of this type of training, the Navy Seal commando decided to develop his method. This is how TRX Training was born. Launched on the American market in 2005, suspension training with a strap quickly became a huge success with gyms, sports coaches and physical trainers. These straps are now sold all over the world.


The TRX allows training in suspension with its own weight and gravity as resistance in order to work strength, balance, proprioception, coordination, mobility or flexibility while relieving the joints. TRX workouts are complete, all muscles will be worked with different levels of intensity. In addition, it is suitable for all levels because the work is done with your own weight and there are a multitude of different exercises to do.




Suspension training makes all the muscles work in depth, especially the abdominals which are systematically solicited in the search for balance. It significantly engages the trunk musculature regardless of the exercise. Using body weight, you adjust each position. You can therefore vary the intensity of the exercise and make it more and more difficult to gain performance.


By practicing regularly, you lose weight, improve your flexibility, gain balance. You also work on your breath and strengthen your cardiovascular system, by performing a series of exercises. Finally, it is a great way to relieve back pain. After a few minutes of training, you already feel that all the muscles are working, without exception. It's a good way to complete your classic strength training and test your strength, differently.


Bodyweight training is very effective for progressive muscle building. You will multiply the exercises, without thinking too much about the effort. The number of possible postures is immense, enough to follow endless sessions!