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Sport Nutrition



Are you following your exercise program closely but not achieving the expected athletic performance? You probably lack knowledge about the second puzzle: sports nutrition, a diet that is adapted to exercise.

Understanding the key principles of athlete nutrition is essential if you want to maintain vigorous physical activity over the long term, as proper nutrition can promote muscle growth and recovery.

Consume quality foods.

Whenever possible, avoid refined and processed foods that provide "empty calories" or calories that are extremely low in micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). This is because any processing of foods affects their natural fiber, vitamin and mineral content. So be sure to choose whole foods in their natural state, such as whole grains (which are naturally high in fibre) and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. At the other end of the spectrum, avoid processed foods, flours and other refined foods.


Make sure where your food comes from.

Choosing organic ingredients can prevent you from ingesting synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones as residues in many foods. In any case, whether you choose to eat organic or not, make sure that your food is sourced through a short circuit (with no more than one intermediary between you and the producer) for better traceability of the quality of the product you are consuming.


Change your diet.

You must have often heard that you should change your diet. The reason why a varied diet is so important is that we all need a minimum daily intake of 13 vitamins and 22 minerals from the foods around us. Instead of having to study all the foods you eat, eating a varied and balanced diet will ensure that you get enough of all the vitamins and minerals you need. 

Sleep well.

If you are concerned about your health, you should know that getting enough sleep at regular times has a greater impact on your health than your diet or physical activity. Just like eating, sleeping helps you recover from exercise.


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