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Man Running Competition



After the first edition of our running competition dedicated to women, on 14 June 2022 it was the turn of the boys. 
A carpet running competition was held, bringing together 4 teams of 2 male athletes. The objective was to cover the longest distance in relays, in only one hour.
The atmosphere was uniquely friendly and the teams completed a great running course, with the venue's patrons being intrigued and entertained spectators!
We would like to thank all the participants:
Team 1: Louis-Salim 
Team 2: Jonathan - Olivier 
Team 3: Florian - Sébastien 
Team 4: Souliman - Jean Max 
Congratulations to Team 4 Souliman and Jean Max, the big winners who showed team spirit and fighting spirit.   
Once again, a big THANK YOU to our coach Diane Hogu for the organisation and supervision of the event. 
We also thank our partners: 
 MyMuscle Nutrition 
 Tri Media Production